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Who Needs a Gas Safety Certificate?

Posted on 10th October 2017

You do! Especially if you are a homeowner or the landlord of a tenanted property. A gas safety certificate can only be issued by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer after a thorough inspection of all the gas-powered appliances in a home. It is a legal requirement for landlords to have an annual gas safety inspection.

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Gas Safety Certificates for Landlords

If you are renting a property with gas appliances then, by law, you must provide your tenants with a gas safety certificate. This serves as proof that you have had your appliances inspected and that the inspector was satisfied that the appliances posed no danger to your tenants. The penalty for non-compliance with this law is £6000 and/or a 6-monthy jail sentence.

Gas Safety Certificates for Homeowners 

There is no law requiring an inspection of your own gas boiler and gas appliances, but why wouldn’t you want to be sure that the appliances in your own home were safe? An annual inspection will give you peace of mind that you and your family are in no danger from your appliances. Children and the elderly are particularly at risk from Carbon Monoxide poisoning from faulty appliances.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers

At THP Plumbing and Heating, all of our engineers are Gas Safe registered. That means that we are qualified to carry out a gas safety inspection and to issue gas safety certificates. Only engineers on the Gas Safe register are permitted to issue certificates.

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