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Basic Boiler Checks to Carry out before Switching on Your Heating

Posted on 4th October 2017

In households up and down the nation, the annual Great Debate is taking place: ‘When should we switch the heating on?’ With night-time temperatures regularly dipping into single figures, it won’t be long before even the most frugal families succumb to temptation. Before switching on your heating, it is worth carrying out a quick visual inspection of the system.

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Visual Inspection

These checks are all visual checks. Please don’t do anything that involves removing the case of your boiler. Tampering with a heating system that relies on burning pressurised gas is a very bad idea. If you suspect a problem always call in a Gas Safe registered engineer.

  • Boiler. Some boilers have a meter that can be viewed without unscrewing anything. The pressure should be between 1-1.5 Bar. If your boiler is due its annual service, don’t put it off – book it today!
  • Flue. Check that the flue (the pipe through to the exterior of your home that vents hot steam and gases) is unobstructed.
  • Pipes. Leaking pipes can cause big problems. One sign to look out for is the growth of black mould and mildew on or underneath your pipes.
  • Radiators. Your radiators have sat idle all summer. Before you switch your heating back on, bleed your radiators. This will remove air that is trapped in the system and ensure that all radiators are operating at peak efficiency.

Our Landlord Services

Landlords have certain legal obligations to your tenants regarding the safe installation and maintenance of gas-powered appliances. At THP Plumbing, we offer services tailored specifically to these needs. We will carry out your annual gas safety checks and we will contact you when the next one is due. All of our staff are Gas Safe registered and qualified to carry out a full boiler service.

If you would like a full boiler service before you switch your heating on (or if you have switched it on already, but are concerned that is not functioning at its full potential) give THP Plumbing and Heating a call on 01603 423479 and book an appointment. 

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