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6 of the Best Water Saving Devices

Posted on 10th April 2017A dripping tap

The average person living in the UK uses 150 litres of water a day. Nearly one third of this amount is accounted for by toilet flushes. We are each flushing approximately fifty litres of water that has been cleaned and purified to make it drinkable down the toilet. If we are to live more ecological lives, then we must cut down on our water consumption. Some innovative companies have come up with devices that can cut water use. Here are six of the best:

  1. Hippo Water Saver. The simple ideas are often the best. Older toilets store a lot more water in their cisterns than their modern equivalents. A Hippo water saver sits in the cistern and limits the amount of water released with each flush.
  2. Water Pebble. This device sits by the plughole of your shower and measures your water use. Unlike other shower alarms, it measures the amount of water going down the plughole not the amount of time that you are in the shower. It flashes green while you’re good to go, then an amber warning, then red tells you your time is up.
  3. Bathwater Diverter. Connecting a bathwater diverter to a waste pipe enables you to recycle bathwater by using it to water plants in your garden.
  4. Water Saving Taps. If your kids have a habit of leaving the tap running after they have brushed their teeth, you could always install push action self-closing taps of the type that you see in public bathrooms.
  5. Eco Shower Head. Aerating shower heads reduce the amount of water you use whilst showering by mixing it with air as it comes out. Look for a model with a low flow-rate but a pressure similar to what your current shower delivers.
  6. Water Saving Washing Machines. Modern washing machines and dishwashers use significantly less water than older models. 

If you’ve got all the gadgets but are feeling reticent about doing the installation yourself, you can always call in a qualified plumbing and heating engineer.

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